Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Massanutten Yee Ha - GES #1 - Podium town

I haven't been on the podium in a while. Been way too lazy too early in the season or on a bike of my own for too, too long. It was great being back on a familiar bike and a familiar trail (even if it is never the same weather).

Huge drifty turns and techy, straight forward rock baby heads mean full on moto style riding, something I live for.

Anyway, I landed on the Open class podium in 3rd behind a Pro and a buddy, Matt Griffin of SEI Racing. http://seiracing.blogspot.com/

See you on the trails soon. Oh, and my Turner 5pack is back up and running with some cranks finally. Yeah!!!


Ben said...

Congrats on the good finish you old, old, old man!

moni said...

sweet man, love massanutten. Looks like the weather was perfect! - dump