Monday, May 24, 2010

There are no more bees...and it sickens me!

I'm not a doom and gloom guy when it comes to nature. I believe we can teach the kids and they'll know more and do more to help nature than we have done. And we've done 10 times what our parents did. That's a good thing.

But this weekend, I saw something that seemed to me a harbinger of bad things to come. Since I was little, I used to walk bare foot to my grandmothers house through the clover. I'd get a honey bee in the foot about once a summer, no matter how hard I tried. But now, they're all gone. All of the honey bees, bumblebees, black & white faced hornets are absent.

I don't think it's a weather cycle. Something isn't right. What happens to our natural world when something that blanketed the grass all day every day simply disappears? That's a massive link in the chain of nature and I really worry about it's repercussions elsewhere.

My father mentioned that honey bees aren't even native to the US. So what bee was? And what will play their part now that bees are gone?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bent Creek-Silent and Wonderful

You have got to love it when you haven't ridden trail in weeks and it starts to rain as you leave work. But all was not lost. Rule #1 of a trail ride is go. If you abandon it, the rain stops.

I got Bent Creek all to myself yesterday. It looked nasty out but since the trails have been so parched, the rain just soaked in and made the trails fantastic!!! I didn't even get gunk on the bike until I hit the parking lot exit. Flat out fast as snot, quiet, peaceful and serene!!

God Bless!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Massanutten Yee Ha - GES #1 - Podium town

I haven't been on the podium in a while. Been way too lazy too early in the season or on a bike of my own for too, too long. It was great being back on a familiar bike and a familiar trail (even if it is never the same weather).

Huge drifty turns and techy, straight forward rock baby heads mean full on moto style riding, something I live for.

Anyway, I landed on the Open class podium in 3rd behind a Pro and a buddy, Matt Griffin of SEI Racing.

See you on the trails soon. Oh, and my Turner 5pack is back up and running with some cranks finally. Yeah!!!