Friday, July 30, 2010

Lots to catch up on

Busted out the DH bike for an 8th in Pro class at Beech. Stoked for my result but at the same time I think I can do top 5. Got a few purty pics snapped too.

The home life is fun too. Girls have been in swim lessons for 2 weeks and boy do they learn fast!

And then of course, there is the nightmare that was replacing the hinge bushings in my drivers side door. I cannot explain the sheer blessing I had in Bud Dotson and Cecil Jenkins. Bud offered to help, took one look at my door and suggested we get Cecil.

Long story short, he's a master welder who basicly recreated my door, modified a short drill bit into a super long one, broke out the welder, sawzall, drills, grinders, blow torches, etc and put on an auto body show you've never seen!
God bless them BOTH!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Epic Anniversary weekend

The weekend started with Ryane lettimg me have a "day of riding with the guys". Wound up hitting the big Black Mountain ride with Jeremy, Matt and Dave and we all had a blast. I had a flat twice in 30 seconds only to be saved by Dave. It apparently cursed Matt though as he proceeded to flat on the most fun part of the trail. Bummed for him, but stoked for the rest of us.

Sunday, the 'rents picked up the girls for a 3 day stay and Ryane and I busted out "Get him to the Greek", P.F. Changs for the first time (the place is awesome)& finished Coldstone Creamery.

But the best day of all was Monday. Ryane and I ventured out for some waterfall action in Brevard and stumbled on a very private, crystal clear deephole. It was easily 20 feet deep and you could see big brown trout swimming all in it, down deep and striking. We dove in and cooled off.

Then headed to Hendersonville to "street walk", play tennis back home and knock out some dirt cheap sushi to go from Asiana Buffet. Awesome anniversary!!!!