Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One heck of a shuttle

So Saturday was "me" day. Ryan had time away last weekend so I got all day bike day. Was all set to go to the Windrock jam, but my travel companion Greg's dad got put in the hospital so I stayed local. Hooked up wtih Matt Griffin & Zack for some local shuttling. We did a bomb run down the big nasty Shumont, but it was near terrifying b/c leaves were so deep and speeds so high, it was random.

One second a pile of leaves, the next a pile of rocks behind a thin sheet of leaves, the next...leaves piled in a 2 foot gully. It made for a lot of fun, switchy lines that made you fight to stay smooth. Me & Matt had hella fun but setting the shuttle didn't appeal to us to do another.

I talked them into doing a run down my secret stash. Cleared a downed tree (props for the assist by Matthew)and showed them the flowy, tech lines and it was on. We did over a dozen runs until it was too dark to see!!! On my final run, I was on the edge of control. Why? My fork was randomly locking out mid-run!! Then POW goes a flat.

All in all, the timing couldn't have been better! Did every run I could all day long and finished with good food at home. I gave the boys directions to Blue Sky Cafe

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Maiden Voyage on the Franken Turner

Here's a pic of the Turner "5 Pack" after my first little ride and all I can say is YAYYY!!! I feel like I've got a supermodel dressed in a burlap sack. My parts a little haggard, but attached to this machine, they can't hide the beauty within the beast.

I can't explain how nice it is to ride trails on full suspension again. I'm just NOT a hardtail guy. I hate the sensation of popping a root section on the front tire only to have the rear go scatter everywhere behind. The worst is trying to throw the bike in a turn and get it to grip. The front tracking and the rear trying to just throw you off the side of the mountain!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 Reasons to get out of the bed!

Because if you don't, you have to walk around all morning long with these things stuck to your head. And believe me, getting up is a way better option than the knee kicks to ribs they drop to open you up for head shots. They've been watching way too much UFC Fighter!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pisgah...you're all mine NOW!!!!

Like a warrior with a new, perfectly sharpened and balanced sword, I stand ready! Greg at Turner Bikes sent me a franken-Turner! White 6-Pack used front triangle mated to a used 5-spot rear end..all joined and sent into action by the power of a brand new Fox DHX 5.0!!! Now...to rip off every single part from my trusted hardtail, bolt them up to it...and shred some singletrack for hours on end. Numb hands no more. And no more smacking a rock with front suspension, only to fly off trail or flatten a tire thanks to that rigid and unforgiving rear rigid tail!!!!

Next time you see me in Pisgah...wave fast. I'm going deep!


Friday, November 7, 2008