Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To ride Little Pisgah

In my quest to ride a boatload more & eat a buttload less, I'm riding Little Pisgah tonight. The Florence Preserve is part of the park & has beautiful paths, rhodos & laurel...and my own silent peaceful ride alone to the best view in WNC!

If you've never been, Little Pisgah is gated part of the way up, but the Florence Preserve (bike/hike allowed) is part of it. The landowners at the top don't mind people hiking above the preserve area to the pinnacle. 360 degree views to Pisgah Mtn, Mt. Mitchell, Rumbling Bald, World Edge...the entire chain of the Blue Ridge visible. Simply my favorite view period!

Weight update - 191lbs (hovering after a horrible weekend of crappy pizza) but not lost. Waist was 39.5", now 38.5". While I snuck back up a hair, I've eaten WAY better this week. Wife even noticed. If you want to lose weight & have fun iwth it, bodyweight exercises are awesome. Just google any of these:
Bodyweight 100
Bodyweight 200
Spartan 300

Which reminds me...eat more veggies says Cassidy:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

189.8 lbs!

Yup...got under 190lbs this morning. Doesn't sound like much to be proud of, but it's been a wall for me. Get down to 190, then pop off a weekend of bad eating and go back up to 197 or some ridiculous amount.

I read that you should measure & not weigh oneself to gauge true successes so I'm starting that tomorrow morning. I'll do typical waist/chest/bicep/thigh/calf and see what I can make happen. My goal is to get down to 180 by the end of August. That is 10 more pounds in 35 days. That means I have to lose 3/10 of a pound every day for 35 days & I can do that. Protein/green veggies/oatmeal/eggs/grilled/no AM chocolate.

Interesting fact...SOBE Green Tea has 14 cubes of sugar in it. A Venti Mocha from Starbucks that I stupidly drank yesterday had 650 calories or 90+ grams of sugar. I even had a Sun Drop that morning as my caffeine jolt.....33 grams of sugar!! Changing my evil ways.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Strike

Time to give this blog thing a try. Should be interesting. Going to start documenting life in general...kids, family, events, riding, work & maybe adventure. HAH!