Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Softball District II Champions

It's been an awesome season for our little girls, Cassidy and Charisma. Both have really taken a shine to softball and done well. Cassidy in 6u softball and Charisma in instructional league/T-ball. Cassidy was picked for All-Stars and after only 1 game was moved to short stop. It snapped her to attention and she got the hang of roaming the infield.

She's the fastest kid on her squad and when she learns to field better, she'll make a fierce infielder. The coaches were AMAZING in All-Stars. Jason & Tara Alexander have done it for 5 years and are great people too. This summer she'll need to work on hitting, as next year they go to the machine pitch in 8U and she'll be pretty young.

Charisma has blossomed and all signs point to her being MORE aggressive than big sis and we were told that she'll be in 6u for THREE YEARS! That's kind of hard to swallow, b/c 2 years of this have been so busy. But that means she'll be one of the oldest on the field her last 2 seasons. Good for her, b/c she's petite.

For a laugh, notice the girl on the bottom left in the pic:

The coach said she was part of the team and insisted she get a trophy. She carried it into the grocery store and Ryane found it hidden in her bag at the POOL the next day. hah!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Super late post - Dirty Bird DH

Been neglecting the blog for a while, but have been getting tons of things done and hustling after Cassidy's All Star softball games! Be sure to click the pics for full size.

It was time to kick off the local race season back at the Bird. I had to stop by Grandfather campground to set up camp for Ryane and the girls before the race. High winds and no help made it almost impossible to set up a borrowed, massive, poorly designed tent. So I got there late.

Late, as it would seem, was perfect. The rain dumped as soon as I hit the parking lot and stopped as soon as I got registered. Track was slick and snotty, but a blast. I had to ditch my clipless b/c of a shot cleat and go flats. Fun no matter what. I nailed down 12th with a couple bobbles and riding the brakes too much, but landed among the big dawgs still. I don't feel 37.

I even appear at 1:33 in two different vidoes. Same time slot...can't beat that.
Click Here:

Dirty Bird Dh--June 2010 from Alex Boyd on Vimeo.

Dirty Bird race #1 2010 from TJ Kearns on Vimeo.